My Dear Parishioners,

Next week we will welcome Fr. Idelphonce Mapara to speak to us about the missions in Tanzania. His community is based in the Benedictine Monastery, St. Maura’s Abbey in Hanga, Tanzania. Here is some information from their website.

Hanga Abbey was founded as a Monastery on January 15, 1957 as the first “all native” monastery in Africa. Hanga Abbey belongs to the Saint Ottilien Congregation based in Germany. Hanga Monastery was elevated to the status of Abbey on December 13, 1993. There are currently 144 professed members in the community.

Hanga Abbey provides many services to the surrounding village including medical treatment through the monastery dispensary, daily transportation to the regional capital of Songea through the monastery’s bus company-Amani Express, a clean water project pumping water to the village from twelve kilometers away, and education through the two secondary schools, one primary school, and one trade school that the monastery operates. I am also including information from a flyer that Fr. Ildephonce sent me. The Mission Co-op will be taken up next weekend as our second collection. It is the aqua colored envelope in your packet.

God Bless you.
Fr. Bordonaro


The need for safe drinking water in the world is huge. In Tanzania the situation is as bad as many other countries in the world. Many children under the age of five die of complications due to drinking water from contaminated sources. Research shows that 70% of the world population does not have access to safe drinking water. Another research shows that 80% of diseases that the world population suffers is due to contaminated water for drinking. St. Maurus Hanga Abbey in southern Tanzania is serving people to have safe drinking water. Several villages have been helped but many more are in need of the service. A few people have access to safe drinking water, but many still use water from contaminated sources.