School Reaccreditation and New Principal Announced

My Dear Parishioners,

The principal of St. Joseph / St. Robert School recently had to resign his position and tend to some family matters and business. We are grateful for all that Mr. D’Andrea did to lead our school through the storm of Covid-19 and wish him well. I am happy to say that Mrs. Jaster, our former principal, was able to return as the interim principal. She very deftly guided our school through the Middle States reaccreditation process and I am happy to report that the visiting team seemed very impressed with our school and will be recommending that we receive reaccreditation. I am also very happy to announce that we have found a new principal. Our search committee reviewed several qualified candidates and we unanimously selected Mrs. Jennifer Durkin, our current Pre-K teacher, as principal beginning in July. Mrs. Durkin has taught either Kindergarten or Pre- Kindergarten at SJR for 12 years. Some of our parishioners would also recognize her as the woman who used to interpret the Sunday Mass into American Sign Language for the hearing impaired.

Happy Mother’s Day! We give thanks to God for the special gift of love He has showered on us in our mothers. A mother’s love is unlike any other. I hope you enjoy the day celebrating motherhood and families. We remember not only our mothers who are still loving us here on this earth, but also those who are loving us from heaven. We pray for their souls and any healing that they may need to enjoy the all-encompassing love of God. Your Mother’s Day envelopes with their various intentions written on them will remain in front of the Blessed Mother Statue as a symbolic way of consistently praying for these women through the month of May. I found the Mother’s Day prayer at the end of my column on a Jesuit website.

Thank you also to all those who remembered their loves ones by memorializing our Easter Flowers. This special collection helps us to pay for the flowers and decorations through the season. Once again I want to thank Mrs. Carla Venditti, Mrs. Karen Baranowski, and their team not only for the beautiful, and ever changing arrangements, but also for keeping them going by watering and pruning along the way. It takes a lot of effort and we appreciate all their help.

May God Bless you,
Fr. Bordonaro