Manna Food Drive and the Warminster Food Bank

My Dear Parishioners,

In a previous column I told you what a great success our Manna Food Drive was. Our July donations totaled 2,365 pounds. The Coordinating Council of Health and Welfare is very pleased with the donations. Thank you for all your generosity. Thank you also to all the regular monthly volunteers who transport our donations. It is heavy work and they do it faithfully. This year they used 4 vehicles (3 trucks and a car) to carry our Manna Food Drive donations.

I was also asked to remind you that donations are available for anyone in need regardless of whether it’s temporary  (1  or  2  months)  or  a  longer  period. Those receiving the food are as anonymous as the donors. They do not have to provide ID or proof of income/residence. To schedule a food pick up simply call 215-672-9422, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. Anyone calling to schedule a food pickup is asked for a name, a phone number – to verify a pickup or for clarification about the date/time, and an address – which gives an estimate of the distance they’re traveling/how long it takes to drive if they’re delayed. Anyone can pick up the food, just give the name of the person who requested it. For more information visit: Thank you to all who contributed!

God Bless you.
Fr. Bordonaro