My Dear Parishioners,

Happy Mother’s Day! We give thanks to God for the special gift of love He has showered on us in our mothers.  A mother’s love is unlike any other. I hope you enjoy the day celebrating motherhood and families. We remember not only our mothers that are still loving us here on this earth, but also those that are loving us from heaven. We pray for their souls and any healing that they may need to enjoy the all- encompassing love of God. Your Mother’s Day envelopes with your intentions written on them will remain in front of the Blessed Mother Statue as a symbolic way of consistently praying for these women through the month of May. This is also the month when we honor our Blessed Mother. This past Monday we had our May Procession. Thank you to all who helped with the preparations and especially to our First Communicants and Confirmation Classes as well as their families who participated.

Tuesday, May 7th was the last official day for our CCD classes. I want take this opportunity to thank all those involved with our program. Mrs. Cathy Cain, our outgoing Director of Religious Education, has done an excellent job organizing all the catechists, volunteers, aides, children, parents and schedules for many years as well as training Mr. James Ness, our new Administrator of the Parish Religious Education Program (PREP). I want to especially thank all those who helped with this program over the past year. They are dedicated people, many of whom have very busy schedules with work, family, activities and commitments and yet they make time to work with our young people and to share the faith. They show a dedication and love that form the basis of the Gospel. I want to thank them for their service. We simply could not run this program without them. If anyone is interested in joining the team, we can always use the help. Please contact Mr. Ness at the rectory, or leave a message at the PREP office. I hope the students and catechists enjoy a restful summer and we look forward to seeing you next year.

I announced at all the masses last weekend that I requested to be re-assigned as an assistant or parochial vicar in a parish where I could be put to good use. The reason for this request is a serious eye condition I have called Chronic Central Serous Retinopathy. The diagnosis has been confirmed by the doctors at Wills Eye Institute. Unfortunately there is little to nothing that can be done about it. We will know for sure next week whether the Archdiocese will honor my request when the Clergy changes are announced. If it is going to happen, my last Sunday Masses will be the weekend of June 15/16. I will miss the people of St. Joseph. I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to serve as your pastor for the last 14 years. Thank you for all the support, assistance, understanding, inspiration, faith and enthusiasm you have shown me. God Bless you!

This weekend the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is asking that we have the “in-pew” portion of the 2024 Catholic Charities Appeal. In your pews today are pledge cards for this campaign. In case you misplaced your pledge card, you can fill out one of these and send it in. You can view the video regarding this year’s appeal on our parish website. As we celebrate In-Pew Weekend for the 2024 Catholic Charities Appeal, I ask that you consider a donation to help those most in need in the Philadelphia area. The Catholic Charities Appeal’s overall goal of $10 million is vital to the efforts of the human service programs in the five-county Philadelphia area. The Appeal funds hundreds of beneficiary organizations that serve thousands. Contributing to our parish’s individual goal of $38,677 allows you to be an active part of the success of this year’s Appeal. I thank all those who have given and I ask those who have not yet to prayerfully consider how you can help by supporting the 2024 Catholic Charities Appeal.

God Bless you,
Fr. Bordonaro