Catholic University of America Collection

My Dear Parishioners,

I am not with you this weekend because I am in Pittsburgh celebrating the wedding of my niece. I am very grateful to our weekend priests  for  allowing  me  this opportunity to celebrate with my family.

I received news this week that the tendon that connects my kneecap to my quadriceps muscle has been completely severed. I will have surgery on it this week. Thank you for your prayers.

Next week our Second collection will be for the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. Archbishop Perez has asked that the following letter be communicated to each of the parishes in preparation for this collection.

God Bless You!
Fr. Bordonaro

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Please consider making a generous gift to the upcoming second collection in support of The Catholic University of America. It was founded by a pontifical charter in 1887 as the research university of the Church in the United States and has a long tradition of dedicated service to Catholicism in our country.

Through its 12 schools, 32 research facilities, and more than 250 academic programs, the University community works tirelessly on behalf of its 5,700 undergraduate and graduate students. Under the guidance of its new President, Peter K. Kilpatrick, Ph.D., it will educate them to serve the Church and nation as the Catholic leaders of tomorrow.

Your gift to this special collection, the only national collection taken for Catholic higher education in our country, will not only go to support students in this critical time but also helps the University better serve dioceses and parishes through innovative research and training programs. One such initiative is The Catholic Project, which brings together clergy and laity to address the myriad of challenges facing the Church in the United States. Overall, the University contributes superior education, formation, research, a Master’s program in Ecclesial Administration and Management, and a credentialing program that prepares recent graduates to serve as campus ministers.

The University’s benefactors are critical to both a successful academic year and to all the important work that it does on behalf of the Church and the faithful in our country. If you are able, please make a contribution to the mission of the Catholic University of America, either directly at your parish or online through their dedicated site on the #igivecatholictogether platform. Please be generous in supporting this important collection. Please pray for me and be assured of a remembrance in my prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,
+Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez, D.D.
Archbishop of Philadelphia