Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

My Dear Parishioners,

This Monday we mark the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM). The Assumption of the BVM celebrates that at the end of her earthly life, Mary’s body and soul were taken into heaven. Unlike us, her body did not undergo corruption. We have to wait until the end of the world for our bodies to be reunited with our souls in heaven, but Mary does not. While normally it is a Holy Day of Obligation, this year, because it falls on a Monday, the U.S. Bishops made the decision to lift the obligation of attending Mass. The feast is still celebrated, and it still is one of the “Holy Days” of our church calendar. I know a number of priests who feel that the bishops got this decision wrong as it tends to make people question if there is no obligation one year, why is there an obligation at any other time? I believe that the bishops thought that requiring the people to attend Mass 2 days in a row was too much of a burden. Either way, as a church, we still celebrate the great things God has done for Mary by lifting up His lowly servant. With her, God also lifts us up. Mary’s assumption of her body and soul into heaven demonstrates the mercy of God and His promise to share that mercy with us. We also honor the dignity of Mary and of all women. It is good for us to recognize the women in our lives who, like Mary, have helped to form us spiritually and have brought us closer to God. We also have a beautiful window depicting the Assumption of the Virgin in our church. I hope you take a good look at it and offer God a prayer of praise for lifting us up. Monday, August the 15th we will have Mass at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.

I am scheduled to have surgery to repair the tendon in my right knee and I suspect that I may be out of commission for a short time. I am grateful to the priests at Regina Coeli for helping me out. I hope to make an appearance at the parish picnic, but will have to see how things go.

God Bless you,
Fr. Bordonaro