My Dear Parishioners,

As we enter the holiday season, the parish has beautiful religious Christmas cards based on our amazing stained glass window of the Nativity. You can purchase them at the rectory office or at the St. Joseph / St. Robert school office. They are in packs of 25 cards and envelopes for $15.00.

Our parish calendars for the year 2024 are now available at the church exits. Please take one home with you. They are the gift of the Louis Swift Plunkett Funeral Home.

This weekend the Archdiocese is kicking off its annual seminary appeal. The Seminary Rector, Fr. Keith Chylinski has written a letter discussing the importance of this appeal. Here is the Rector’s Letter.

God Bless you,
Fr. Bordonaro

As the Rector of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, it is my privilege and joy to accompany our seminarians and students as they follow the call to holiness and service. Daily I, along with my brother priests, faculty and staff, witness the joy of the Gospel unfolding as they strive to embody the meaning of servant leadership and missionary discipleship. Formation at Saint Charles goes beyond academic study; it is a deliberate and loving process nurturing the whole person, encompassing spiritual, human, pastoral, and intellectual dimensions of growth. Your support of the Seminary Appeal enables us to provide our seminarians and students with the necessary resources for the journey ~ theological education; spiritual guidance; pastoral experience; a supportive community.

Through your support of the annual Appeal, you participate in the seminary’s mission to prepare future generations of priestly, pastoral leaders of our Catholic faith. Your contributions are not only a gift to the seminary but also a gift to the entire Church. Together, we can continue to spread the message of Christ and make a lasting impact on countless lives.

As Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary relocates to a new campus in Lower Gwynedd next fall, we are deeply aware that the seminary is more than a beautiful property and iconic buildings. Our commitment to core mission and values, our strong academic curriculum and pastoral internship programs, and our hope-filled enthusiasm for the work of formation endure. Your generosity has been instrumental in sustaining our operations and ensuring that our mission thrives. We are deeply grateful for your past contributions and ask you to consider supporting our annual Seminary Appeal once again. We invite you to partner with us in keeping the mission alive, providing the resources necessary for the formation and education of future priests, deacons and pastoral leaders.

On behalf of the entire seminary community, I extend prayerful gratitude for your generosity and support.

Reverend Keith Chylinski,